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pennsic_war's Journal

Pennsic War
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Welcome to Pennsic War!

This community is for discussion about that great land dispute between the Kingdom of the East and the Kingdom of the Middle known as Pennsic.

As I've heard the tale told....(the common legend)

One day, almost 30 years ago, Cariadoc of the Bow, the king of the Middle got bored with peace and declared war upon the east, loser to take Pittsburgh. The king of the East read the declaration of war, filed it away and forgot about it.

Time passed. Cariadoc moved and subsequently became king of the East, whereupon he retrieved the declaration from the file cabinet and said, "Let's fight." The Middle won, and Cariadoc has the distinction of being the king who declared war upon himself and lost.

The Pennsic war has been fought every year since then, despite flood and pestilence and stinking humid weather, and has grown to be the largest annual event in the Society for Creative Anachronism.


Feel free to share stories, pics, questions, debates. Keep it polite and keep large pics and multiple images behind an lj cut. Please keep posts on topic to SCA/Pennsic related subjects. Any community advertising needs to also be on topic. I don't mind this being used for advertising, let's just stay on track.


The community is maintained by sorchawench. Please email me if there are any issues or problems.