Gwyneth (medievalbooks) wrote in pennsic_war,

For those thinking of teaching

If you have a list of those books that you will be
recommending for your class, please join the following link and let us know.

Students come to the booksellers asking for specific books and it
makes us very unhappy when we don't have the title. I am also trying to get hold
of those booksellers that sell/will sell at Pennsic.

Some of us sell used books, some sell new books. We all want to help students
and teachers.

We tried this for the past two years and it has been a success. I or the other
booksellers, will be in contact with the individual teachers to let them know
how many copies of a certain text we will be able to have on hand, when it gets
closer to the date of Pennsic.

Please don't send me private requests. I have a hard time keeping track of
requests outside the yahoogroup created for this purpose. And I really do want
to help folks in this regard. If, however, this is a problem...will see what I
can do :)

The Haunted Bookshop
Bookseller's Row
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