baronessekat (baronessekat) wrote in pennsic_war,

Known World Scribes Get Together

"Hi, My name's Ekat and I"m a scribe. It all started 14 years ago. I experimented with blanks. It was just something to do from time to time. But before I knew it, the Signet pushed an assignment on me. Then multiple assignments. I couldn't go a Reign without doing at least one. Then it was a month.

Then I went from the gateway of watercolors and bristol board to period pigments and vellum.
Now *sob* I'm the one pushing assignments. I used to think I could stop anytime I wanted to. But I realize now that I"m just too far gone."

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Come to the Knowne World Scribes Get-Together in Æthelmearc Royal on Monday August 6th from 3pm-5pm and meet others like you.

The scroll you save, could be your own.
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