oushi (oushi) wrote in pennsic_war,

Toddler at Pennsic - suggestions? tips?

Leaving our 1.5 yo at camp grandma isn't an option, so I'm looking for tips or tricks to making the two weeks more enjoyable?  This'll be my 16 war, so I'm experienced with all the usual camping hardships, but not with a toddler.  She wasn't mobile last year, but is VERY mobile this year!  She's not quite at the stage where she'll obey me yelling "stop" or "come back" so I'm worried I'm going to spend the entire time chasing her to keep her close to me.  Leash?  massive fort of baby gates?  what works for you?

Also - anyone wanna playdate?  We're on e18 but she loves to walk so we can come to you, especially if you have an enclosed-ish baby safe area. 


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