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"Oh Yeah! My Dad can beat up your Dad!" Pennsic Tourney Friday 5 August 4 pm

 To all Fathers of the Known World I beg you read this missive and if your travels and commitments allow to attend this tourney in honour of Fatherhood. Please share this missive with your friends and any other SCA lists that you participate in.


Baron Richard Larmer

Inspired to feats of arms by his Daughter L'lyn, five years of age.

After a one year break the Kingdom of Ealdormere presents the 2nd Annual Pennsic Tournament:

Oh Yeah! My Dad can beat up your Dad!

On Friday, August 5th (Set-up week) in the white and blue lists.

This an individual tournament for Dads to be inspired by their child(ren) to earn renown upon the field.
Most likely this will be a Round Robin Tournament but it many gentles show up then it will be a double elimination format.

Requirements: All Dads (combatants) must be presented to the list table by their child(ren) under the age of 16 (combat age at Pennsic) to participate. Children do not need to remain for the tournament but it is encouraged. This tournament is open to all Fathers who wish to participate. There are no restrictions in terms of rank (Kings and Princes may fight), weapons form or appearance. At least two prizes will be given: overall winner and best presentation.

Type: Round Robin or Double elimination tournament (speed or tree depending upon turn-out)
Time: TBA
Location: Battle Field, TBA List
Sponsor: Kingdom of Ealdormere
Entrants: Any Man (yes you must be a man - there is a Mom's tourney at Pennsic this year for the Ladies) who considers himself a Father to a Child in a modern context. The child must be under the age of 16. The Child must present their Father at the list table (in other words your Child has to be at Pennsic and the start of the tourney).
Rank Restrictions: None (Kings and Princes may enter)
Weapons Restrictions: None
Appearance: No appearance requirements. A prize will be given for the best looking presentation. Note that this can mean more than just harness it can include how your entourage presents themselves etc. It is how you impress the crowd.
Prizes: Overall Winner and best looking presentation
Why: Many men who fight are inspired by their children and this is an opportunity to demonstrate that at Pennsic.

Regarding the time there were just no good openings during the middle weekend or war week. I have chosen a time late in the day to get away from the worst of the heat, be after nap time and also hopefully late enough for those arriving on Thursday or Friday to make the tourney if they wish. I realize that some will miss it by having the tourney during set-up week but that is the sweet headache of lots of fighting during war week.

Please ensure that you are inspected for Pennsic before entering the tournament. We will be checking for helm stickers and paint on the weapons per the rules of the War.

If you have any questions about your eligibility or other aspects of this tourney please feel free to contact me here or via PM on LJ.
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